Small vertical injection machine with a sliding table

TS-5-AV8-SE is small and space-saving. It has a sliding mold base and is fit for inline molding.


Layout free

Machine is small (W760mm x D765mm x H1757mm) and space-saving.

Easy operation

The lower mold base slides back and forth. It ensures safe and quick operation for inserting. Setting is easy and visible. The machine keeps reproducibility. Nozzle touch function makes it easy to purge remained resin in the cylinder.

Improved precise injection for insert molding

The slide base (150mm x 150mm) can load a large mold. Clamping unit has tie-bars, with precision and stiff, and oilless enclosed guid bush.


Outer diameter of the screw mm 16  /  18
Shot volume cm3 9.0  /  11.4
Max injection mPa 120  /  95
Injection ratio cm3/sec 19.4  /  24.5
Heat control   Digital proportional control 3 units
Heater kW 1.31
Nozzle stroke mm 40
Nozzle touch mm 6 (from upper mold platen)
Frame structure   4 tie bars
Clamping system   Direct pressure system (Lower mold moves up)
Clamping force kN 44.5
Mold open stroke mm 45
Daylight mm 160
Inner space between ti bars mm 190W x 140D
Lowe mold plate mm 150W x 150D
Slide stroke mm 150
Eject stroke mm 25
Eject force kN 4.49
Screw position control   Digital setting / display
Hydlaulic motor  kW 2.2
Total power source kW  3 phase AC200V / 50Hz    AC220V / 60Hz      3.51
Machine weight kg 385
Machine size mm 760W x 765D x 1,757H