Features - CLEAN SHOT Type-1
Blast equipment is attached.
Applicable to small parts and parts not frequently cleaned.
Specifications - CLEAN SHOT Type-1/250
Unit Size / mm 1,296W 600D 1,233H
Weight / kg 80
Carbonizing Furnace External / mm 575W 575D 605H
Internal / mm 250W 250D 180H
Heating System Electric heater
Power Source AC200V / 3 pahse
Heater / Kw 2.5
Air Blasting Equipment
Spray Direct pressure
Blast Box Size / mm 450W 350D 300H
Blast Nozzle 2mm / Supper alloy
Air Consumption m3/min 0.25
Power Source AC100v
CLEAN SHOT Type-1/250
CLEAN SHOT Type-1/250