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Best solution to prevent contamination

"CLEAN SHOT System" is a cleaning unit for sticking polymer, which is capable to eliminate rapidly and securely some scorched plastics and resins which have adhered and sticked by heat on the varied metal parts at many factories; injection molding, making pellete, manufacturing coating wire and cable, or rubber factory or so.


CLEAN SHOT is a cleaning system employing organic modification and blasting. it consists of a carbonazing (modifying) furnace and air-blasting equipment.
In the carbonizing furnace, polymers adhering to the workpieces are heated while brought into contact with minuteamounts of oxygen, to cabonize the polymer components.
Through this carbonizing process, thick films of polymers on the workpieces are melted away, falling into the recovery tray located at the bottom of the furnace.
Any polymers still adhering to the workpieces are subjected to still higher temperatures within the furnace.
The carbonized film is removed quickly using the air-blasting equipment.
Blasting is extremely effective for removing hard films, but tends not to be as effective for removing soft, thick films.
By first performing cabonizing, all polymer materials adhering to the workpieces are modified such that they can be removed quickly and very effectively by blasting.
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Little time required for operation

Air blasting performed by a human operator requires only a very short time for completion. Even workpieces with complex shapes are completed in just two to five minutes.

Complex shapes. No problem!

The most attractive feature of the CLEAN SHOT system is its effetiveness in cleaning areas not easily reached using brushes or other tools, such as long, thin or curved holes.
The standard abrasive powder used in blasting consistes of extremely fine (85 to 125 μm diameter) glass beads; this powder can be used safely even when cleaning parts with complex shapes.

Minimal effect on workpieces

The temperature of the carbonizing furnace can be set freely in the range 420°C to 500°C according to the shape, material and other features of workpieces.
Cleaning is possible without affecting plating or hadened layers.
In addition to the srandard glass-bead abrasive powder, plastic abrasive powder is also available for use with precision parts and softer metal workpieces.

Wide range of application

A wide range of polymer, resin, application and other materials can be cleaned reliably using exactly the same procedure.

Enviromentally friendly

Parts are treated in a seeled carbonizing furnace, so no smoke is released.
The furnace heating is not based on combustion, so toxic materials are not likely to be released into the atmosphere.
The residue left after cleaning can be disposed of as ordinary industrial waste.

Simple installation

There is no need for an exhaust duct or other modifications. Just connect a power supply and an air supply (dry air), and the equipment is ready to use.


Unit Cleaning System employing oraganic modification and blasting
Component of a Unit Carbonizing furnace
Air blasting equipment
Auxiliary equipment
Treatment in Carbonizing Furnace Treatment to heat workpieces adhering plastics with minute oxygen and high temperature >> carbonizing polymer components
1. Polymers >> melted away >> into recovery tray
2. Other polymers >> turning carbonied hard film
Treatment by Air-blast equipmen By blasting abrasive powder onto carbonized hard film >> removing them rapidly and securely from metal parts
Breaker-plates, dice, screw
Injection Molding Machine
Screw, Manifold, Screw head, Nozzle
Other metal parts

Cleaning Sample by CLEAN SHOT System

Before Cleaning
After Cleaning

Before Cleaning After Cleaning
Before Cleaning After Cleaning
Before Cleaning After Cleaning

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