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Pelletizer (Strand-Cutter)

Item Specification
Support of Cutters One-end supporting system
Opening and Shutting of Cover Full-open
Easy for exchanging of rotating cutters & polyurethane rubber roller
Effectiveness cleaning work for changing color of materials
Easy to adjust the clearance of rotating/fixed cutters
Material Shooting Straight shooting system
Security Safty cover with a window
Option Air-blowing device
    TSC-250 TSC-500
Capacity kg/h(max) 250 500
Strand -(max) 15 25
Speed m/min(max) 63 78
Pellet size mm 3 (Fixed) 3 (Fixed)
Motor - Inverter 2.2kW/AC200V Inverter 5.5kW/AC200V
Rotating Cutter - 12 Blades Tungsten-carbide chip, SUS-base 18 Blades Tungsten-carbide chip, SUS-base
Size mm D 120 W160 D 160 W180
Fixed Cutter - Tungsten-carbide chip, SUS-base Tungsten-carbide chip, SUS-base
Upper Roller - Polyurethane Polyurethane
- Air-cylinder Air-cylinder
Lower Roller - 35mm Roulette 40mm Roulette
- S45-C Steel Hard-chromium S45-C Steel Hard-chromium
Machine Size mm 1095W 800D 1620H 1275W 850D 1730H
Photo - - ペレタイザー ペレタイザー