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PTFE Dispersion Processing System

PTFE dispersion processing system
This process generates very thin PTFE surface of the core material or PTFE impregnation by dipping it through PTFE dispersion liquid. Then the thin surface is fixed in the oven.

We design and supply the best system for your purpose.
Also we supply drying and sintering oven with heat wind or electric heater system for stable high quality products.

Glass cloth impregnation and sintering system

PTFE coated glass cloth is applied to roof, tent, conveyor belt and print circuit board.

Glass cloth impregnation with PTFE dispersion and sintering system

Wire coating system with dispersion

You can produce very thin (under 20 microns) coat on a wire by this system. This kind of wire and tube are applied mainly to medical device.

Wire coating system with PTFE dispersion