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Remarkable properties of fluoropolymer are well known, and used in various fields.
There are many kinds of fluoropolymer. Processing metod is absolutely diffrerent between meting type and non-melting type.

PTFE (PolyTetra-FluoroEthylene) is highest in their grades. There are some kinds of PTFE as well and the processing method depends on what you are planing to produce.

We shipped the first PTFE extruder in 1955. Since then we have supplied stable and durable PTFE processing machines all the way.

PTFE powder
PTFE powder

Classification of fluoropolymer

Type Non-melting Melting
Materials PTFE
Fine powder (FP)
Molding powder (MP)
Dispersion (D)
Processing system
  1. Extrusion
    1. Paste extrusion
    2. Ram extrusion
  2. Dispersion molding
    1. Cloth dripping
    2. Wire coating
    3. Cast film
  3. Compression molding
    1. Free baking
    2. Auto compression molding
  1. Screw extrusion
  2. Injection molding
  3. Blow molding
  4. Transfer molding
  5. Lining molding

Specification and application of PTFE

PTFE outperforms other fluoropolymers and is applied to many products in form as tube, wire and sheet.
  • Specification
    • Chemical resistance, weather resistance
    • High performnce electric insulation
    • Abrasion resistance, heat resaistance
    • Less adhesiveness, less absorbing of water
    • Physiological Safty
    • Incombustibility

  • Application
    • Space industry:
      Electric device
    • Air craft industry:
      Electric device
    • Car industry:
      Electric device, fuel device
    • IT industry:
      Electric device
    • Chemical industry:
    • Electric appliance
    • Medical device:
      Tube, Catheter, Vascular graft, Suture
Coaxial wire Dispersion tube
Glass fabric coated with PTFE Multi lumen tube

PTFE processing machines

We have paste extruders, ram extruders and dispersion coating system for PTFE.
And we also have screw extruders and injection molding machines for melting type fluoropolymer. We are a top supplier of PTFE processing machines in Japan. We set up machines to your purpose and circumstance. We assist your business with a plenty of experiences.

Please feel free to ask us for the details.

A head of a PTFE paste extruder