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PTFE Paste Extruder

Tubes, wires, sheetes made by the PTFE Paste Extruder have remarkable profiles; high heat resistance, noncombustibility, high chemical resistance, low frictional and dielectric coefficients. They are applied to many fields of industries. Particularly, those for oxygen sensing wire and coaxial cables are increasing. And porous film is a new demand. Futhermore, ultra-thin coat wire for medical use is rising up.



  • Tubes (Approx. Diameter 1mm to 200mm, Approx. Wall thickness 0.1mm to 5mm)
  • PTFE Coated Wire (coaxial cables, cables for auto mobile)
  • Raw tapes, Medical materials
PTFE multi lumen tube PTFE multi lumen tube


  1. PTFE (FP : Fine powder) and lubricant (naphtha) are blended in a blender.
  2. Formed to a parison which has a cylindrical form by a pre-former.
  3. A paste extruder extrudes the parison material with high pressure in normal temperature.
  4. In cooperating or isolated process, the molded PTFE product is dried and sintered.
PTFE Extruding Line
Outline of
PTFE wire covering system

A take-up unit pulls a wire reeled up on a wire feeder through a extruder with constant speed.
The wire is covered with PTFE at the extrusion die arranged at the front end of the cylinder. These process are completed in normal temperature Then polymer, with which the wire is covered, is fixed by being dried and sintered in the sintering oven. And then the Wind-up Equipment winds the completed product (the covered wire).

The line does not have a wire feder for tape and tube.
Calendar roll equipment will be required for tape.
The pre-former is horizontal structue. The extruder and the oven are horizontal or vertical. The direction depends on factory space and product specification.

Our PTFE extruder and related machines are working in many customers factories.


We have 2 types of extruders, electric drive and hydraurlic drive. Many electric drive extruders are working in our customers factories.

Motor-drive PTFE Paste Extruder

Generally, the least thickness of coat made by a paste extrusion is approximately 50 micron. Our system can coat as thinner less than 30 micron, which is demanded for medical use.

Ram speed is most significant in the extrusion process.
Our extruder has a high-performance motor-drive system and an accurate driving mechanism. It keeps stable ram speed and produces precise high quality products.

Horizontal PTFE Paste Extruder

Horizontal PTFE extruder

10ton Paste Extruder   80ton Paste Extruder

Vertical PTFE extruder

Vertical PTFE Paste Extruder   Vertical PTFE Paste Extruder Head