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Paste Extrusion Related Equipments

We have mani kind of machines for paste extrusion system.


Blender mixes raw PTFE powder and lubricant (naphtha) at the first step of paste extrusion process.

Our blender has a hollow cylinder (bottle holder) which has a plastic bottle inside. The cylinder rotates in two ways -- circumferential and axial direction. Usually the plastic bottle is made of polyethylene or PET. Rotation and time are adjustable. Because of this mechanism our blender does not cause particle shear, and it hardly grows small ball like lumps.

Blender Blender


Before extruding, blended raw PTFE have to be pre-formed.
Pre-former forms blended PTFE powder into a clolumn or a cylinder with certain pressure.

Maxmum length of formed material is 1000mm (approx. 40 inches).

Small pre-former   Top view of pre-former
Feeding unit of 2-cylinder pre-former
Feeding unit of 2-cylinder pre-former


Item Unit Specification
Cylinder inner diameter mm 16 to 250
Cylinder length mm 600 to 2400
Number of cylinder   1 to 3
Drive system Standard equipment Hydlauric vertical pressurization
Heating Optional equipment Band heaters
Feeding unit Standard equipment Electric Feeder
Optional equipment Air vibrator

Oven for drying and sintering

Extruded PTFE still has lubricant and is soft an fragile. Therefore it must be sinterd in the next step. Sintering temperature is 100 to 500 degree Centigrade.
Our drying and sintering oven has a stable heat control system.

Length of the oven is 4 to 20m.

Horizontal oven
Horizontal oven
Vertical oven

Drying capstan unit

It is a lubricant vapouring unit which is often set in wire covering line.

Drying capstan unit   Drying capstan unit

Other equipments

For PTFE sheet and film, PTFE is extruded in form of tube, bead or flat plate. It requires a calendar roll system and a tentor system.