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PTFE Ram Extruder

PTFE Ram Extruder
Ram extruder is applied to PTFE (MP : Molding powder) and highly viscous polymer.

Main products

  • Round rod, atypical rod, pipe
    They are processed into bearings, pipes, seals and roller bars.

  1. Feed material pellets, flakes, or powder to the weighting unit.
  2. Weighting and feeding unit feeds constant volume of material into the cylinder.
  3. With each feed, ram rod works like stamping to compress the material in the cylinder.

PTFE/Highly viscous polymer Ram Extruder

Our ram extruder has precise weighting unit and precise and constant feeding unit. They make stability and high quality for products. You can manufacture multiple rods at once (dependind on products).

Skin layer would be generated in a cylinder. We also supply the skin layer cleaning unit.

Ram extruder under construction
Vertical Ram Extruder
Ram extruder Vertical Ram Extruder