Injection Molding Machine

Fluoropolymer Processing

We supply various types of PTFE extruders and related machines. Machines and equipments are applied to thin tube, tape, wire covering, and fiber coating.
Also, not only a single machine, we can supply whole PTFE processing facilities.

Plastics Processing

  • Wire Coating Machine
  • Automatic Bundling and Wind-up Machine
  • Plastics Coating Machine for Gardening Bar
  • Welding Extruder for Sheet
  • Submarine Optical Cable Splicing Machine

Cleaning Unit for Sticking Polymer

Catalyst Combustion type Deodorization Unit

Screw Extruder

We get requests.

  • We work on build-to-order and supply the standard specifications machines customized to your request.
    Please send us e-mail for the details via the mail-form.